Financial Advisory
December 10, 2020
6 Weeks

Electronic Global Solution

Growth Lab created an internal reporting dashboard for an online retail company using Microsoft Power BI. They also provided financial forecasting services using Microsoft Excel.

Additional Information
Completed in:
6 Weeks
Updated on:
December 10, 2020
Electronic Global Solution

Project Background

The Issue

The company saw the need of having internal improvised reports that were automatized based on the vast amount of data they had available. A lot of data was gone to waste and a lot of reports that were generated by the departments were not centralized and formatted as such that would provide value and a clear understanding of the company’s progress.

Our Solution

Most of the data that was available was seen as material for further process improvement. GROWTH Lab offered to the client centralized dashboards using PowerBI through which reports were generated automatically depending on the necessities of the clients.

The Result

Most of the reports that can be automatized, including the costs on marketing, overhead, sales, and employee performance were centralized in a dashboard that is interactive and user friendly. This dashboard is updated on a regular basis as the client chooses to use it. The results helped EGS's management take faster decisions on their marketing techniques, internal operations, and overall process improvement.

"The platform they designed allowed us to work better."

Faton Mehmeti

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