Strategic Planning & Management
March 29, 2021
10 Weeks


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10 Weeks
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March 29, 2021

Project Background

The Issue

The company was having trouble hiring the right employees, which led to a situation where it couldn’t lease many employees for prolonged periods of time and at the same time it couldn’t fill the demand for many occupations.

Our Solution

With data going back ten years, we devised a model that ranked employees based on the profitability they had generated for the company and predicted demand for each one of them.

The Result

Drawing on the results of our model, the company decided to part ways with 10% of its employees at the end of their contracts. At the same time, it opened numerous job positions for occupations that we confidently predicted would prove profitable for the company. A year since we left, our client tells us that they have had a solid increase in profitability.

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