About GrowthLab

Young professionals best suited for the modern organiziation.

GrowthLab targets diverse individuals that stem from unique professional backgrounds in order to foster a corporate culture that aims at adding value and delivering high quality services to its clients.

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Who we are

Strong team cohesion and efficiency is what ensure that GrowthLab thrives in the financial services and consulting industries.

Our team at GrowthLab is made up of talented professionals whose expertise spans various spheres ranging from financial analysts, legal experts, tax implication advisors, and data security programmers to entrepreneurship consultants. By combining talents from various fields we ensure that our solutions are holistic and go beyond the typical cookie-cutter solutions provided by other firms.

We approach every new project as a chance to come up with a more holistic way of delivering added value to our clients. While at times our obsession with improving is time-consuming, over the long haul it saves us energy, makes us more competitive in the market, and ensures that we bring incomparable value to our clients.

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A firm that employs global experience to deliver results to firms around the world.

GrowthLab was founded by an MBA out of Washington, DC. Specialized in varying fields, ranging from finance, marketing, supply chain and analytics, our leaders supplement each other and ensure that our services are always in function of growth. Our higher management have previously worked in the banking sector, creative agencies, big four consulting, government, retail, as well as in numerous consulting projects in several fields.

Our Values

The values that shape everything we do at GrowthLab Solutions.


GrowthLab’s ethos is “determination to deliver only the best services”. The firm’s success can be attributed mainly to this ethos, as all of our clients can account for GrowthLab’s added-value impact for their organizations.


Our leaders form strong relationships with our clients, this enables us to hone in on what are the priorities for our client and ensure that they are best addressed throughout our engagement.


Rather than working solely towards a single task or deadline, our process is more responsive. We test things out and make adjustments to give you the best result.


We offer clients direct access to unparalleled talent. While we work on enabling your firm’s growth, that helps our team grow and gain valuable experience.

Results that matter

Great ideas and services are one thing, but we also make sure to execute and give you measurable results. We have the processes in place to deliver.

Team Work

With teams in several locations, GrowthLab places a tremendous value in communicating and collaborating between physical locations. This communication extends to our channels with our clients and our partners.

The Founder

Jon Mulliqi


Our Partners

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Join our team

Experienced accountants, strategists, and analysts who get it—and who have what it takes to perform tasks that enable companies to the next level, or an exit. We seek expert thinkers, doers, and collaborators who challenge themselves, strive to always improve, and use failures as learning opportunities.

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This is how we create change, and we do it together.

Let us do so in the best way at affordable rates!