Accounting Services


We provide tailored bookkeeping services to businesses from all sectors. Whether it is simple bank reconciliations and monthly reporting for a small home-based business, or full-charge weekly financial duties for a multimillion-dollar corporation, GrowthLab Solutions offers scalable services to fit everyone’s specific business needs and can add or remove services as those needs change over time.

How we do it

We are not scared by numbers or data – we embrace them. Combining the latest research and analytic tools with our industry expertise, we identify the trends and insights that matter. Using qualitative and quantitative research, we analyse brand perception and reputation, as well as any potential threats and opportunities. We take deep dives into your audiences, figuring out who they are, what they care about, and how we can best communicate with them. By charting the competitive landscape, we find the opportunities to stake your claim to fresh creative territory.

Accounting Solutions

Core Solutions

We help firms gather data and generate valuable insights that are essential for reducing waste and refining strategic vision. Optimizing your data to generate optimal and efficient results will enable the firm to always make the right decisions.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

You focus on growing your business, while our team ensures that your accounting department is always rolling.

A/R & A/P Accounting

Payables and receivables are our specialty, while time consuming for accounting departments, when correctly done receivables and payables will minimize your firm’s tax exposure

Budgeting & Forecasting

Let us assist your finance department on analyzing and projecting the financial health of your business. Our team will map out various scenarios and ways to get there.

Accounting Software Integration

Get your accounting systems and bookkeeping up to date with our tailor-made systems integration consulting.

Management Reporting & Systems Review

Let our experienced team provide your CFO with the needed help and insights through periodical reporting and analysis.

Your Data is Valuable.
We ensure it stays that way.

Online bookkeeping software

Combined with web-based workflow systems our online bookkeeping reduces errors and costs for our clients. Our team boasts years of experience in using QuickBooks Online and Xero as two of the staple tools that allow simultaneous bookkeeping across physical locations. Regardless of your needs and goals our team is able to support your systems through working together on one streamlined bookkeeping platform.

Offline software with granted access

This method of collaboration can often prove to be the most effective for firms that use customized and modified software for their accounting needs. In this engagement method, our team is provided access to the firms software and work simultaneously with your staff. The main benefits in this case are a seamless integration of our support team and instantaneous responsiveness.

Data and records transfer between GLS and your firm

Lastly, GrowthLab Solutions is able to foster its engagements through third-party data storage systems. In this method the client uploads its necessary data to a secure data storage unit where it is accessible only by the client and the designated team of GLS. To ensure the safety of our clients data and resources we strictly use the latest and most secure technology when it comes to data management software and tools.

This is how we create change, and we do it together.

Let us do so in the best way at affordable rates!